Learning and Development

Resident Guest Teacher at George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Customer Trainer at Illy Espresso Canada, Talent Development Manager at The Savoy Hotel, London UK. Hospitality Apprenticeship trainer UK Dorchester Collection, 45 Park Lane, Melia Hotel Group and Royal Household; Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. L&D Partner D&D London Restaurant Group. 

Food Beverage and Labour Cost Control

Explore the analytics of a successful business model. Learn how to properly cost menus and study inventory control systems with food costing formulas. Control labour costs, understand hiring and staff management principles, and allocation of human resources. Incorporate fixed and variable costs into P&L and prepare for profitable F&B Management.

How to Start a Restaurant

The most vital element in opening a Food Service Operation is the Business Plan. Learn to write a plan for investors including basic financial plan, costing, design, marketing plan concepts, location selection and staffing resources and requirements. 

Business Entrepreneurship for Bakers

Build a business plan specific to the baking industry. Whether you are opening a cafe or a retail concept, learn the necessary skills to cost bakery products, labour, equipment and build a business plan. Create a marketing plan and conceptual design plan for a bakery or cafe. 

Hospitality Purchasing

Explore ingredients, sourcing, types of Hospitality organizations and outlets. Learn to create Product Spec Sheets, Recipe Cards, Inventory Control Systems. Learn to negotiate for purchasing contracts, vet vendors and buy hospitality related products. 

Introduction to Catering

Learn banquet and special event venue selection, room layouts, costing, menu planning and standard forms used in the industry. Prepare BEO forms and design menus for special events catering.

Cafe Set Up, Espresso and Specialty Coffee Beverage Training

Learn to set up your coffee and espresso station to maximize efficiency and profitability.  Learn to use tools of the trade and recipes to prepare basic and advance espresso and specialty coffee beverages.  Understand how to properly cost out specialty beverages including food, labour and overhead costs associated with the sale of beverages. Discover the bean to cup journey for coffee, tea and related drinks.